Wednesday, September 2, 2015


ASTR is pleased to recognize our 2011 award winners!
Thomas Marshall Graduate Student Awards:
1 - Michelle Granshaw, University of Washington (“The Irish-American Working Class and Popular Entertainment from the Civil War to World War I: A Case Study of the Hibernicon”)
2 - Brandon Woolf, UC-Berkeley (“Paradigmatic Instititutions: Cultural Policy and Contemporary Performance Nach der Wende”)
3 - David Calder, Northwestern University (“Visible Machinery: Street Theatre and Industrial Space in Contemporary France”)
David Keller Travel Grant:
1 - Jen Scott Mobley, Marymount Manhattan College, PhD CUNY 2010 (“Staging Fat: Dramaturgy, Female Bodies, and Contemporary American Culture”)
2 – Charlotte McIvor, Santa Clara University, PhD Berkeley, 2011 (“The New Interculturalism: Race, Gender, and Immigration in Post-Celtic Tiger Ireland”)
3 - Jenna L. Kubly, independent scholar, PhD Tufts, 2010 (“Vaudeville and the American Experience of the First World War as Seen by Variety”)
Helen Krich Chinoy Dissertation Research Award:
1 - Mary Isbell (Ph.D. candidate U of Connecticut)
"Nineteenth-Century Amateur Theatricals: A Transatlantic Cultural History"
2 - Bethany Wood (Ph.D. candidate U of Wisconsin, Madison)
“Capital Complex: Valuations of Femininity in 1920s: Stage Adaptations from Women’s Culture"
3 - Heidi Nees (Ph.D. candidate Bowling Green State University)
“Performance of the Native in Outdoor Historical Dramas”
Brooks McNamara Publication Subvention:
Soyica Colbert for The African American Theatrical Body: Reception, Performance, and the Stage (Cambridge University Press, 2011)
Research Fellowship:
Kathleen Johnson, Miami University (Ohio), for Razing the Great White Way: Toward a New Genealogy of Broadway’s Golden Era
Targeted Research Fellowships:
1 - Dave Dalton and Raul Galoppe (co-proposers) for "Don Gil" performance/research project (creating/producing a Spanish and contemporary English bilingual adaptation of Tirso de Molina’s Don Gil de las calzas verdes)
2 - Laura Edmondson for Genocide Performed: Narratives of Violence from East Africa, which analyzes the cultural traffic of genocide and mass violence in Uganda, Rwanda, and the (DR) Congo
Co-Sponsored Events Award:
Heather Nathans for “Triumph in My Song: 18th & 19th Century African Culture, History, and Performance”
Grants for Researchers with Heavy Teaching Loads:
Brian Herrera, University of New Mexico, for support of the book project: Latin Explosion: Latinos, Racial Formation, and Twentieth Century U.S. Popular Performance
Gerald Kahan Award for Best Essay in Theatre Studies by a Newer Scholar:
Anastasia Kayiatos, "Sooner Speaking than Silent, Sooner Silent than Mute: Soviet Deaf Theatre and Pantomime after Stalin," published in Theatre Survey (2010), 51: pp 5-31.
Oscar Brockett Essay Prize:
Elaine Aston, for "Feeling the Loss of Feminism: Sarah Kane's Blasted and an Experimental Genealogy of Contemporary Women's Playwriting," Theatre Journal 62.4 (2010) 575-591, special issue on "Contemporary Women Playwrights" edited by Penny Farfan and guest co-editor Lesley Ferris.
Honorable Mention: Sarah Bay-Cheng and Amy Strahler Holzapfel, "The Living Theatre: A Brief History of a Bodily Metaphor," Journal of DramaticTheory and Criticism.
Erroll Hill Award:
Harvey Young, Embodying Black Experience: Stillness, Critical Memory, and the Black Body. University of Michigan Press.
Honorable Mention: Nadine George-Graves, Urban Bush Women: Twenty Years of African American Dance Theater, Community Engagement, and Working it Out. University of Wisconsin Press.
Barnard Hewitt Award:
Virginia Scott, Women on the Stage in Early Modern France, 1540-1750. Cambridge UP, 2010.
Distinguished Scholar Award:
Bruce McConachie


Deadlines for 2012 awards run from March 1 to July 1, 2012. Please visit our Awards pages for more information and to apply.